About Us

Educate America is dedicated to modernizing learning experiences across the globe.

Educate America is dedicated to modernizing learning experiences across the globe. To create a world where children and adults are imbued with 21st-century skills essential to achieve personal and professional success left unrealized in our traditional education setting. We foster holistic ggrowth through social and emotional learning that helps students blossom into the best version of themselves. We believe in creating change that impacts not only individual students but also their communities through partnerships with local school systems. We will focus on problems that affect learners generally, but


Our Values

America has thrived throughout the ages with technological innovation which has been made possible due to its advanced educational system. Now than ever, this nation needs Educate America due to the following:


We will meet people at their level, and provide our targets with what they need to succeed. We’ll create an equitable learning environment for all, by  facilitating the proper resources to those in need. Our initiative will promote equality at such a standard that it will scale to the entire education system in America.


We acknowledge that differences are the source of creativity, growth, and greatness. We seek to acknowledge everyone regardless of their background.


We think about problems and solutions not only nationally but by each community. We’ll strengthen the link between a school and its community.

Thinking Ahead

We desire to equip students with skills needed for an ever-changing future. By understanding the problems education faces and where it is headed, we will create the brightest future possible for each person. What we will start in the classroom will go on for the rest of their lives.

Value of every Human

All of this starts with a motivation for a common humanity. We believe that every person is of equal value and worth, and deserves the greatest opportunities simply because they are.


Board Members

The ones that make it happen

Brittany Burtz
Greg Carson
Bruce Mackenzie
Dennis Gallagher